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150!!!! Followers

Wow, Never thought that I would reach this milestone in the blogger world. Thanks everyone for being there for me during this great time for celebration. As we continue I can promise you that things are really about to get "fubared". Thanks again =)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Don't Forget

Don't forget to checkout my newer blog its all about my new little son http://tripsjourney.blogspot.com/

My opinion on the Occupy wall Street people

Now, Hmmm lets think about this one for a minute..... The Wall st people do have good attentions for the  world and yes everyone wants everyone to be equal and all that jazz. Which is just fine and wonderful but, is it realistic? I think not really. Yes we do need sweeping change in this country and has the Obama given this to us or is it the same old same old in Washington? I think its the same old same old.
I just a few question for the people that are doing this My opinion are in ()
1. Is what you are doing affective? ( no, wall street is still trading and making and losing cash flow)
2. Is blocking streets and bridges really stop anything or just upset people trying to make there way to work? (No just No enough said)
3. How do you compare to the Tea-party people? Since the park in New york is now a health hazard. (there has been no-one arrested at a Tea-party rally or protest)
4. Is Socialism what you really want? Giving up freedom for the betterment of everybody really the right way to go? (Read Marx and Hitler then you may understand better)
5. Will it last into the winter when it very cold in New York? (I think not....prove me wrong)
Even though I don't agree with how they are doing things I do think we need sweeping change in our government from the local all the way to the top. I just think 99% people are just going about from a emotional aspect which never last 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tea Party

Ok we have all heard the from the left which has included names like Al Gore etc... that people that are in the Tea party are gun toten back woods racist. But is this really true? Hmmm I have sat and wonder about this since I'm a true believer that American is in the mist of major change and the direction we go from here will make or break this great country that we call America. People say that we need a third party and I think the Tea party is the thrid party that our countries needs.First  I would like to state the core values Tea Party as stated on one of the many websites but as I looked around it was all the same core values
1. Fiscal Responsibility
2. Constitutionally Limited Government
3. Free Markets

As for the Democrats and the Republicans I can see how these values would be a treat to them. Both parties don't want limited government. Why? Well in my own personal opinion I think it because the politicians of today our power hungry. They like the chance to be able to  control the mass of population. This happens on both sides of the asile. In the past couple of years you have seen this with the Health care reform act that is making its way to the top courts in America. And a few years back with the war after 9/11 where the government could read your e-mails, hold people for a long time with out charging people etc... So these are just a couple of examples of what I'm talking about on why the twonmain stream parties see the Tea party as a major problem. And here is a statement for thought "If the parties thought the Tea party wasn't a treat then would they be talking and trashing the Tea party as much as they do or would they ignore them all together?"

Will the Tea party make it? As long as the other politicians are saying things about them I think they have a fighting chance. Its when the parties don't talk about the Tea party is when they should get worried 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Red River Gorge Reviewed

The Red River Gorge is located in east-central Kentucky in the Danial Boone National Forest. I personally have only been there once before this past weekend and that was 17 years ago in Boy Scouts. So, this experience I was really looking forward too since I really didn't remember much from the Boy Scouts.
This was a guys weekend, it was a bachelor weekend for a buddy of mine instead of just for a party (which I highly recommend). I can't tell you how much everyone needs to just get away for just a short bit and let all things go and truly enjoy yourself. So, as you can see I had high hopes for the weekend.
 The weekend started out a little later than we thought it would with people getting off work at different times but, once we got on the road everything seem to melt away the further and further we got away from good old Cincinnati. The Red River Gorge is about two and half hours south-east of Cincinnati and it was a very nice easy going trip. I really have to give some props to Kentucky for keeping their roads very smooth and easy to drive.
Once we got to our trail which was the Whistling Arch Trial. I know it may just look like a regular old  rock arch in the middle of the woods it has been said on rare occasions when the wind blows through at just the right speed and angle a whistling sound happens. Hence this how the trial and the arch got its name.The arch is about .6 miles from the parking area which makes the trail very nice if your just looking for a nice light hike with family and friends and this trail is very dog friendly too unlike the Rough Trail ( I'll let you think about how it got its name). The time we got to the parking area it was not the best to be setting up camp but we handled that situation pretty well. Our camp site was above this arch which was about 10-15 feet up a cliff face where we lifted all our stuff up by ropes. Yes it was alot of work and if your the type of camper that needs running water, a bathroom and the basic modern essentials then this is not the camp site for you. But, if your into roughing it  then you will enjoy this camp site. People have asked me where did you go to the bathroom at? I replied dig a hole, do your thing and then cover it up. I know it sounds gross but it is the best thing to do when your away from a bathroom. The one thing we wished we would have brought with us was fire wood the site is picked pretty clean. The only thing that really upset the group about the site when we got up there was the last goup of people that were up there left all their trash which included but not limited to guys underwear and girls socks. Please respect the forest when you entered it and take out everything you took in and this means all trash. As I mention earlier it was night time when we were getting the camp set up we really didnt get a chance to see what was around us. I knew there was a 15 foot drop on one side but on the far side of the camp was much further drop that went straight down. Check out the view we had to wake up to on Saturday morning. Pretty cool huh? It was wild to watch the fog roll in through the gorge flowing like a river. This view alone made all the hard work we did the night before all worth it. As you can see at the bottom of the picture there is a small ledge that is called
"The Front Porch" now I don't think the park calls this view that but it was craved into the rock and I think it fits the view very well. The camp site is with in the rules of the park of being further than 100 feet from the ledge. You can not camp close to the ledge for common sense reasons. You really don't wanna roll over while sleeping and fall off the ledge. That would be very bad. Please remember when going camping the rules are there for a reason.

The day started off rather nice and with the fresh mountain air filling your lungs makes you realize how simple life can be when your not in the day to day rat race that most of us are in  day in and day out. After eating breakfast back at the parking lot, the park suggest that you leave all food locked up since you are in black bear country. We didn't see any but we did see claw marks on trees that we assumed where from bears. We went down to the local gas station and got a trail map to see where we all wanted to go. There was three places we choose to go those being the Natural bridge, The Red River, and the Rough Trial. The Natural Bridge was just amazing a large rock that had been craved out through wind and water. The picture on the left is the view from the bridge and the one on the right is from underneath the bridge. The next place we went was the river. We wanted to go canoeing but there was not enough water in the river to do it so we still wanted to go swimming. We followed the snaking road down to the bottom of the gorge and went to the place where they launch the canoes and there is a nice place just up river from the spot to go swimming. The water was a little chilly when your just getting in but you got used to it after just a few minutes and with the 90 degree heat that we where having that day it was very nice to get cooled off and to bring your body temperature down. There is a nice rock you can jump off of and with the water being pretty deep in this area you didn't hit the bottom from what I was told I didn't jump off but here are some splashes. the rock stood about 10-12 feet out of the water.

Then it was off to the Rough trial. All I have to say about this trial is bring water and bring more and more water and you need to be in shape just a little bit. I don't have any pictures of the rough trial it was just too rough since it was about a 45% angle down zigzagging all the way down. The sign said there was a camp site about 5 miles down the trail we made it a little bit down and the sites on this trail are amazing but once again it is a rough trail and you need to be careful.

We spent the rest of the day at the camp site just enjoying our time in the national park. So all in all I'll give The Red River Gorge a 10 on my rating scale of 1-10. It was truly an amazing experience that I highly recommend if your looking for something fun to do and that doesn't cost a ton of cash. I actually did this whole weekend including gas for under 70 bucks. So go have fun at The Gorge and remember please be smart and safe.


Sunday, May 22, 2011

The List

“The List”
I know its been a few days since I really wrote anything on here and for that I’m sorry to my loyal followers. But, I think I have some good reasons to why I have been so busy. On Wednesday we found that we are going to have a baby boy!!!! This is really like a dream come true for us. The truth is and this may sound very old fashion but I really wanted the family name to go on beyond me. So, now I know it will. I have been flying high the past few days realizing that I’m having my baby boy. We got to see the sonogram which was freakin cool as hell. So, now I have a sudden feeling that I need to get the list done around the house. Because soon enough I will be bringing home the Huggies diapers and the Gerber baby food from the store to feed my little one and watch him throw up on me. For some reason about three times a day I get this scene from a movie or commercial of the baby boy peaing a full stream of urine at me while I dodge it left and right. Does anyone remember that movie or commercial?

Well we are 22 weeks now and I feel like I’m on a time line which I’m not very excited about because I will sit there and think about it until its does (the list that is)This weekend was wonderful for getting “The List” on its way to being done. Getting the rest of the 4 cubic yards of dirt moved around the house and planting flowers. LOL never thought I would be the one to think man did I water the flowers and when was the last time I used Miracle Grow on them. So, am I going to be that one of those old men yelling at the neighborhood kids to get off my grass? Man I hope not. But, the more and more I think about it the more I’m actually looking forward to getting older and seeing my new little one grow up and become a man but I think I may be jumping ahead of myself there just a little bit you know.

You know the most amazing thing of all? That there was nothing there a few months ago and something is there a little boy that has his own hands, feet and, even a little heartbeat it truly is a gift from God for us and we are very grateful for what we are about to receive. God and I had a little talk the other day and I promised him that I would not mess this one up lol.

Thursday, May 19, 2011


The CDC on Monday posted this which I found out about today and thought Ohhh S==T I better get ready so I worked really hard and fast today so, I could get home and read all about it cause I knew that zombies were real. I have been telling my wife that we needed to get ready for a zombie attack for sometime now. Here is the link and you should get ready too or your brains will get eaten =)


Is this really what our tax dollars are going too?....

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Well we have reach another milestone on this blog...That being 100 followers and the grammar police still haven't showed up at my door. So thank you all for your support and encouragement, it shows that positive thoughts effect people in positive ways.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Been thinking about insurance alot lately and I had a co-worker at work tell me that his car insurance was 252 bucks a month just liability. I told him that I thought he should try shopping around and don't get the basic insurance that the govt. only requires. He asked why and I said its simple what if you hit a bus full of kids or a BMW or some other nice car where the bumper cost more that the 5000 grand that the state requires. I told him about American Family insurance which i use and I have hada positive experience with them always had the best insurance for my home and my car. they always give a fair price too. Just a thought...never go with the state min. insurance you will get bit in the butt on day. As they say you get what you pay for.

At the half way point

All of you know by now that my wonderful wife is prego and this is our first child for the both of us. Which is kinda of weird being in our 30's and not having kids. Most of my friends have had their children by now. But,as of last Friday we reach the 20 week mark which in my opinion is a true miracle that we have made it this far. After the events of last year I never thought we were going to have children. But it looks like we are going to at least one I hope and pray for more (Yes tom I'm praying lmao). Tomorrow at 3pm we are going to find out what we are having. Now I'll keep you posted and we are still not set on any names except for the fact that if its a boy it will be the 3rd, you know gotta keep the tradition going on in the family. But we are at a loss for girls names does anyone have any good thoughts on girls names? I can't tell you enough how blessed we feel that this is happening to us. We both feel scared nervous and excited all at the same time. The last time I felt like was when I was marring my wife and I think this is truly going to be some of the best times in my life. I keep you posted of whats going on in this wonderful wonderful experience.

Monday, May 16, 2011

To lighten the load off

Everyone has friends like this

I have nights like too Lvoe the IBC rootbeer

every guy wants a girl like this =) I got lucky and found one love ya baby

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Atheist v Chirstians

Well this is a big debate when it comes to some people while most people just go on there owe beliefs and never get involved in the debate. Well, I'm not one of those people just to sit by and not put my two cents in. Having been on both sides of the aisle on this one I think I can see it from both sides. Now I'm not going to get into whether God exist or not. That is in my opinion a personal choice and one that every person has to make some time in their lives. Now I still have friends on both sides on the aisle. Now that being said I'm sure it will bring some people out of the wood work to comment on what I'm talking about.

Now lets look at the main stream Christians. They have there faith and they feel strongly about it and they feel that they need to spread the word (as it says in the bible not sure where but I know it does). This is fine everyone should have the chance to spread their beliefs in any way shape or form to a point. We do live in a free country and people can choose to listen or not that is what makes this world great. But there approach is all wrong in my opinion. The other day my wife and I where driving down the main drag in our town when there was about 5 people looked like a family standing on the side of the road with signs that said "Jesus loves you" and they were jumping up and down screaming at cars ( in a positive light) drove by. I sat there and thought do they really think that this tactic is going to get people to church or to even open the bible? I say no I think it would do the opposite effect.
Now this post was inspired by some recent conversation that I have had on and off line. Atheist are doing the same thing as the people yelling and holding the signs but they tell you to "please stop praying" and go into some logical conclusion why it doesn't work. Or they try and bring science into the equation by using big words that make them sound smart. So the person that tries to spread the word of Atheist-ism is the same as the Jesus freak people that try to get people to worship God. But, there actions have the opposite effect for most people. Either people are going to fall back deeper into there faith (This is what happens to me) or they go the opposite way completely. Example: "please stop praying" that makes me want to pray even more.
So this will continue Christians will thump the bible some more and Atheist will site articles and scientific facts that they feel discounts God.

The fact of the matter is that we will all find out about five minutes after we die. In my personal opinion the Christians have a much pleasant look at death than the Atheist that is just black and a lack of a soul. But now you must make up your mind if you have not all ready just remember keep an open mind and you will be truly enlighten.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Finish the story

I was thinking today on how to get my followers more involved in the blog rather than just reading my rants from time to time. So, lets do something alittle more interesting and I'll let you write on my blog. I'm going to start off a story and leave a comment how the story should continue. This should be interesting.

A young lady of Irish decent is dating a man with a pony tail, jet black hair and he love to smother her will all kinds of affection. He follows her to work and even got a job at the same place so they could be together longer through out the day. Now this was Ok with the lady but after a while it got kinda of strange. After going out one night they ended up back at his apartment. It was a nice apartment reminded her of a man stuck in the 80's heavy metal scene. She thinks ok I can deal this. They have a hot night of passion and when its done.........

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Man I can't believe it I'm graduating from school this week. Not only I'm the first to go on to school in my family but I'm the first to get through it all the way.... Now that's a dam good feeling now Only to pay back my student loans? Hmmmmmm its like the big black cloud hanging over my head but dam I'm so happy that my wife and family pushed me to get through it and I did it. I just wanted to put a special thanks out here for them I love you all and I promise I will do my best now and work even harder now that I'm all grown up and I have to be a big boy and wear my big boy pants. Thanks again I love ya

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Hat is off

Ok with the events of the past couple of days and everyone who kow me knows that I'm not a fan of Mr Obama. But, with the situation that is going on right now I have to take my hat off and clap my hands for the man. He finally showed some leadership I didn't think he had it in him at all. Well done to our Navy Seals and the Administration

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

His Grand Plan

Gas is on the rise,
What do we do as we look out with such a great surprise?
We look to the Man that supposedly has the this grand plan
All he tells us is to check the air that will help slow the rise
There has to be something that we can do,
Do we drill or do we vote
I say we do both
But will voting really do the trick
Not as long as Career Politicians are what we have to pick
So we pump and we pump until it make us sick.
I think this Man's grand plan is working just the way he planned
So, I will hold onto my guns just as I have planned and in 2012,
I will work to find a new Man.

My first shot at writing a poem it doesn't follow any rules that I know of but let me know what you think

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gettin older

Do you remember when you were a teenager and you to say man my parents are really dumb or they don't what they are talking about. Isn't it funny how they get smarter as you get older. Of course there are other ways to realize that you are getting older in life and you really know when your grateful for it. Your getting older and wiser
Yesterday was one of those days for me and at the end of the day I was so happy to just come home to my wife and crawl into bed with her.

It started off just a normal day heading to work. Work was the same old same old put this here take that there. Then in the early afternoon I had to attend a class on "exit counseling" that basically said "DON'T DEFAULT ON YOUR STUDENT LOANS" and showed a few things. Then as I was heading from that I realized my mind is starting to go bad so I had to return to school to buy my cap and gown and when I was searching through the stack of fake silk I was thinking about how many times I have looked at the stack there coming into buy books or whatever I needed and I started to get a tear in my eye (you must realize I'm sucker for moments like these I tear up at every Kay Jewelers commercial during Christmas season ....)Then I suck the tears of happiness back and headed to cashier with a little hop in my step. I couldn't believe it I'm actually graduating from college the very first one in my blood line of family to get through school. Hell ya!! Mo Fo's this was the moment it became very real to me that I was moving forward and I felt very proud and when I handed the money to the cashier that I have seen every semester for about the past 11 years, darn it there I go again but this time I couldn't hold them back I just couldn't do it any more and the two ladies behind the counter just laughed and said your not the first and you won't be the last that has done that. I place the cap and gown in my bag and jump into my car hit the gas and blared Sunny Hours by Long beach and headed home in the sunset lol
Have a great day everyone and remember hard pays off in the long run.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A post about nothing

Well well well, I was thinking today what can I put out there for people to read and think what a really fubar freak this guy is. I'm all about shock factor I love it I can't lie. But, nothing was coming to mind at all. I thought and thought and thought. Then I was thinking by the time I figure it out I would have several different kinds of grammatical problems that would make my post sound like a seven year old. I hope not but it is what it is. I can't have the wife edit everything I write. Well as we sit back and enjoy the holiday we have a tend to forget what the holiday is all about. Then it comes back to you and you bob your head to the Reggae music jammed in your head from the great media player that holds all your music and you know back in your mind your thinking why haven't you backed up your music so you don't lose everything again(you know what a bitch it was to get the music and media back...slap across the face). Then as I'm thinking that I notice something a little weird my elbow is getting very wet. I have to figure that one out at a later date. I forgot about my elbow and I started to have this feeling in my knees. All you smokers know what I'm talking about that weird feeling in your knees. Yup I think I need a smoke but it can wait a few but wait, where did the music go?. Well I really have nothing left to say but I'll leave you with the answer to why my elbow what getting soaked while I was typing this for you
Now look closely and you will find the answer to the famous elbow question. lol
Have a great day everyone =)


Hey everyone thanks for getting me to 50 followers I love you all. Never thought I would have 50 people that wanted to read my stuff. I'll keep the mix of different topics coming your way!!!! =)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Should the World be fair?

Should everything in the world be fair?

Hmmmmm what do you think please add a comment.
I really don't think so. There is a huge debate in America right now over the Rich. Now I'm by no means rich but am I mad at the rich for what they do? No not at all. I'm actually grateful for what they do. If the rich weren't rich then there would be no jobs for the middle and lower class of people. People here want to tax the rich more and more sounds like a Robin Hood thing to me. But what if we tax them sooo much want then? I can tell you what I would do. I would take all my money and move to a country where I wasn't tax so much and I could have a more business friendly atmosphere. You see in America you can become rich and lose it too. Look at Trump for example he has a lot of cash but did you know about 30 years ago he was broke. Look at Dave Ramsey he went broke twice actually and build it back up again. So why is gaining wealth in America these days looked down on I really don't understand it? Should things be the same in everyone house according the the great (lol) R. Wright? That sounds like socialism to me and that means giving up freedoms for the betterment of everyone else. Not for me

I have one suggestion to people that want to be on the same playing field with the rich. Lets tax everyone the same 17-20% flat tax rate but I bet the people that are screaming about the rich not paying all that much or that they have more power than the people would say no. Thats being hypocritical if you ask me. I say work your ass off and get rich make opportunities for yourself think positive and love life to the fullest and don't judge people on how much they make. My generation thinks they are entitled to everything and frankly I don't understand it. In my opinion your not entitled to anything in this world and you have to make your own way.

16 weeks

Well, little thing your 16 weeks old growing in Mommy's belly. Man things are really starting to change around here. Mommy is getting bigger and she eating everything in sight. This is all because of you. =) So whats a a future Daddy to do? Just say yes dear and anything you want my love seems to work best for me.

Well we are starting to get things ready for you when you arrive in September. We have you a bedroom not ready yet but that will soon come. Daddy gotta put up a chair rail up for and we still need to get a few more things ...well everything lol. But, we will make sure you have everything.

I can't tell you how excited we are to have come into our lives. The other day Mommy said she felt you for the first time. Now I have a tendency to think it may have been just a fart but we won't tell Mommy that. The one thing that we are really wondering if your a boy or a girl. Hopefully at the next doctor's appointment you will let us know. Last time we were there you had your back turned to us and I saw you bangen your head around and I thought there is my little rocker and I could tell that you and I are going to party like its 1999 (in the words of prince.

They say that your ears and eyes are in the right spots now and your body is starting to catch up with your massive head you have. Your eyes are starting to move and your weight is 3-4oz now which is just freakin amazing.

So baby sleep and grow and we can't wait to meet you in a few months. I just can't wait to get to know you.
Love ya

Thursday, April 14, 2011

On Politics

People that I live around think that I'm kinda of a freak about about politics. Well maybe I am just maybe but, I'm the type of person that wants people to look out for themselves before the look out for other people you know what I'm saying? In the the following paragraphs I'm going to layout my views on a few issues or at least until my fingers get tried of typing =).

(pause....Smoke break...time to ponder)

On America
I love it. Its the greatest country in the world. Its really the only place where anyone can make something out of themselves. I think that is why so many people from around the world still wanna come here. The immigrants that I have had the pleasure the to speak with think this place is wonderful and its amazing how thankful they are for just to having the chance to come here and try to make something out of themselves. So my hats are off to you, for those that come here (legally)and work your behinds off to make a living for your family.

Ok here we go lets get into the juicy stuff

On healthcare...
Healthcare has been a huge debate around the country since Obama has come into office. Yes they passed it but did they do it honestly and are they really thinking about everyone? I really don't think so at all. I think its just another way to spend money and instead of the people that work and work hard for their healthcare through their job(whether its good or not) still have earned it. Right,... anyone have a problem with that?...I doubt it. OK now why should those people have to pay more for their healthcare cause "some" people are going to wait until they get sick to get healthcare. If the insurance can not turn you down after you have cancer or even a cold cause you haven't paid into the system before you got sick then that is going to drive up the cost for everyone else, that was playing by the rules. This is the first time in American history that that the federal government has forced Americans to enter into a private contract with a private company or they will be fined. Then whats really messed up in my opinion is that the first and second rounds of fines (for not buying health care coverage) is less than the cost of getting health insurance. So, what are most people going to do? They will not buy for the first couple of rounds and pay the fines to the government (hence revenue stream for the government). Then the second part comes into play when the population can't afford the fines and they still need health care. Who will they turn to? That's right the federal government. Obama looks like Hero Hmmmmm maybe not Obama but the the federal government looks like they are coming to save the population. Hence, Single payer program. Plus right now we have the best health care system in the world. Look at people coming to the US for healthcare yes, it cost a lot more but, you are getting the best. Recent example would be Baby Joesph from Canada (look it up pretty sad story)where the government there deemed his life unlivable and was not going to give the care he needed. Now I'm sure the socialized medicine around the world is good if you have a cold or the flu but if you actually need a surgery or God forbid you get very sick. Whats going to happen? Most likely are going to have to wait for treatment and that my friends is sad.

On taxes....
We can't tax the rich more that will not do anything. Yes they are rich and they worked their butts off to get there and good for them that's what I say. Again this is why most people want to come to American cause at least in America the poor people are fat (I have actually had this said to me by a man from Mexico). People don't realize that 250,000 bucks is really not a lot of money to make now a days esp. if you owe have a small business and that's your total income for the year(minus business expensive) . I think there should be a a flat tax or a national sales tax and that's pretty much it. Let the people make up their owe minds what to do with the money they make. Now everyone says tax the rich tax the rich. Well I look it up and I got this graph from the CBO check it out and I think you will understand why we can't tax them enough to bring us out of the hole that the federal government has gotten us into.

Now I'm not rich by any means but I don't want to be encourage to make more money to better my family's life then be told but you better not make more than Bob next door or Jane across the street cause we the government are going to tax the heck out of you. This is the way things are now a long a way from the golden paved roads of opportunity that I was thought growing up.

sorry for any grammar issues for you grammar Nazi out there =)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Rude people

You know, rude people really get on my last nerve. Esp. people on the net. People nit pick everything. They act like they are perfect and they are God's gift to the internet world. No my grammar is not great and if I miss a comma or maybe a "the" or the word "a" people complain come on peeps be nice and it will come back to you in return. This can translate into the real world too. So, (look I put in a comma OMG) be nice and kind and then you will truly be God's gift to the world

What goes around comes around

Ok lets look at how things are now a days in particular the cost of gas and how the media is not really saying much about it. Its now costing about 3.76 gallon here in the US and if you remember (which American have tendency to forget things)back in 2008 when Bush was in office when gas was 2.89 they (media) was calling for his impeachment. Now that the "man" is in Office (Obama) when gas is at a national average of 3.76 with a 11 cent jump in the past week and a 90 cent jump from this time last year you don't hear anything from the media nothing at all. Then Obama says " If get 8 miles per gallon I guess you should trade you car I'm sure Chevy or Ford would love to make you a deal hahaha" Come on.... Now is that a presidential thing to say or do? I really don't think so. In my personal opinion gas is going to be the main factor when choosing who to vote for in 2012.

As we know election have there consequences I think that is coming to bite Obama in the butt if you ask me.
Now they are blaming the Repub for wanting to let the govt shut down when they (repub) are just trying to finish up the work that the Dems didn't do last year when they had the house and the senate.
Our govt is just really screwed up I think we need a business man in there like Trump and let him run this country like a business. Yes there will be hard choices to make but I bet a buck that Trump would turn a profit and start digging us out of this freakin hole we are in.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring is here

Man I love this time of the year things are just wonderful. You can turn off the heater and open the windows up and let in the fresh air. I love to open the back door so the dogs can run in and out barking their little heads off at everyone that walks by.lol I think some people really do hate my dogs lol ohh well they will get over it you know. The only that sux is the fact that I have to cut the grass sometime but that mean I have to get off this puter and do it but not today I just going to let the nice fresh air into the house and kick my stinky feet up on the desk. The best next to sex after a long day at work.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

As we wait

Dear Baby,

Your Mother and I are waiting your arrival late this summer. Even though we don't what you look like smell like haven't heard your laugh we have seen you move and what seems to be flips from what your Mommy has told me. Everyday there is something new that makes us hate to wait for you but, we love that you are on your way to see us. Right now you just need to grow and we can't tell you how proud we are of you right now. Your doing a great Job and I just wanted you to know that we already love and miss you so. So, keep up the good work as they say and I can't wait to hold you in my arms and get to know you. I wanna know everything about you in every-way. The way you move your head all the way down to your toes. We can't wait to have you crawling around on our floor and have Murphy licking your nose. To sing you to sleep I promise our lives together are going to be really sweet. Whether your a girl or a boy that we don't know but as we wait we do want to know. I know Mommy is looking forward to painting your room and picking all the things out for to show to the world. So baby that I can't wait to know, just keep doing that great job and contiune to grow.

Love always
Mommy and Daddy

As the journey continues

Ok as you know by now that my wife is bearing my child. I love everything about but the mood swing are something to handle but whats even better than that is the cravings she is having which as this point I'm loving it as she is growing bigger i get to too lol well not as much lets say that. to get to my story we woke up today and she is looking through the fridge and she telling she has nothing to eat.... I say to her what "heck yea we got stuff to eat there all kinds of thing in the freezer". Her reply lol (with a smear look about her while bring out her Irish composure)" Hmmm frozen peas and brussels spouts... really I cant eat that I need eggs and bacon !! (while throwing my shoes and jacket at me "Murphy wanna go bye bye!"....So Murphy(dog) and I went the store and we as the men is household saved the day from the Evil Craven. To think we are only 15 weeks along I'm lovin it ( with the Mc D's theme in my head

Friday, April 8, 2011

Das Hunds

I suggest everyone gets a dog here are my two

They are just wonderful they run around and live their the way life should be lived by the moment in my opinion but we can't do that as humans we have other things to worry about like food work etc the list can go on and on. Whats great about dogs are at-least my two is the drool that hangs out of their month when you are eating dinner. I know most people would think this is gross and would want nothing to do with it but my wife and I just love and every-time Murphy our Boxer smells people food he just sits and the drool starts to flow lol How do you feel about doggie drool?

What really gets my Goat

You know what really gets my Goat going?......Ok Are you ready for this one...........
People who are offered extra hours at work and take them them complain about the work they have to do when they are there. Then ohhhh my God they leave the job half finished.
So if your going to work for someone and come in on your day off  which was your choice what type of job would you do? Would A, complain about the work and then leave the job half done so, your boss has to come in and help finish up? Or B do the job to the best you can do just like it was any other day? I would choose the latter myself. But, for some reason people today and this has happen before people leave their work half done? Why is this? Are they just lazy? Yup I think so they are really lazy freakin people out there and then they are most likely complaining about why they don't have any money and can't get a good job that would pay the bills. Here is a suggestion....... Suck it up and do the best job you can do casue you are nothing in the work world and you have to make yourself stand out in a positive way. Now what happen to my guy at work today was not a positive thing for him it only hurt me for the moment but what are the consequences of his actions? Promotion? na..... I don't think so

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dealing with a pregant woman

Well, what is a guy going to do when his wife is just about 15 weeks ago her hormones are going ever which way but straight. I ask people for advice and all they do is laugh and tell me "Man, you haven't seen nothing yet" OMG if this is nothing then what the heck is going to happen when she is laying in bed and can't see the t.v. because of her belly is in the way A good example of this can been seen with the conversation her and I had today.
Intro: Sitten outside of work having a smoke (around the building since I'm in Ohio)
When Ally ( an red headed Irish woman) calls me and she is just going off about everything. I ask "baby what is the matter" Says just says " This freakin person in front of me wants to go 25 mph when I'm on my freakin hour drive to work gas is almost up to 4 bucks a gallon and I'm moody"...Then silence for a min or two and I'm thinking to myself " OK Mike what are you going to say here? Before I even got a chance to say anything she is off about our student loans. Now I really have no idea of what to say. I'm thinking that a smart remark is not in good taste at the moment. Actually what I was thinking was man 35 more weeks or so of this? Man this kid better something grand lol.
In all dealing with this lady why things are changing seems to be a good thing if you ask me she is so cute watching her mood go from happy to sad and back to happy in all a  matter of minutes. I like watching her grow into a mother yes guys this means your lady's hips are going to get a bit bigger (unless she is 16 then your just wrong). I really can't wait until the day we both get to enjoy this little person that her and I created out of the love that we share for each other.

So, you maybe wondering how I dealt with her....lmao that is still an on going process if you ask me, all I have to say is that she got to work on time and life is good. Ohh yes there will be more on this topic. =)


You know I really do hate talking about myself so, I will make this short and sweet. I just a normal guy trying to make in this world. I work hard and yes i have long  uneasy days at times. I have been married for about 2  years now and i can't be happier with my life right now. I wanted to create this blog to have a place for me to write and for others to read. There is nothing too exciting about me even though I'm a little weird at times and I'm sure that will show through as time goes on. So thank you for taking the time to read want comes out of my mind through my fingers.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

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