Tuesday, April 26, 2011

His Grand Plan

Gas is on the rise,
What do we do as we look out with such a great surprise?
We look to the Man that supposedly has the this grand plan
All he tells us is to check the air that will help slow the rise
There has to be something that we can do,
Do we drill or do we vote
I say we do both
But will voting really do the trick
Not as long as Career Politicians are what we have to pick
So we pump and we pump until it make us sick.
I think this Man's grand plan is working just the way he planned
So, I will hold onto my guns just as I have planned and in 2012,
I will work to find a new Man.

My first shot at writing a poem it doesn't follow any rules that I know of but let me know what you think


  1. It's ok :) It's a bit generic but really good for your first.

  2. I think people are overreacting when they picture Obama as some evil mastermind.

  3. nice one mate , ill join you in the revolution

  4. NIce job with the poem, not really sure what Obama can do about gas...small increases in drilling won't make a difference to prices, but they will to our enviroment.

  5. Nice! But they don't care about us anyway...

  6. I like that poem also creepy pic +followed

  7. Obama, he wants to suck your money!

  8. That's a bit harsh don't you think?

  9. Nice poem dude - explains a lot for Obama :P

  10. all politicians are bad not just obama

  11. It was pretty clever, really. I rather enjoyed it.