Friday, April 8, 2011

Das Hunds

I suggest everyone gets a dog here are my two

They are just wonderful they run around and live their the way life should be lived by the moment in my opinion but we can't do that as humans we have other things to worry about like food work etc the list can go on and on. Whats great about dogs are at-least my two is the drool that hangs out of their month when you are eating dinner. I know most people would think this is gross and would want nothing to do with it but my wife and I just love and every-time Murphy our Boxer smells people food he just sits and the drool starts to flow lol How do you feel about doggie drool?


  1. My dog's so stupid, her IQ is negative.
    And she sheds fur all over the house. My clothes are literally covered in dog hair.
    She doesn't drool though

  2. My dog is getting old, I've had it since 2001, grew up with it. I'm going to be devastated when the little guy dies.

  3. Doggie drool is really gross. That's part of why I like cats better!

  4. love the design of your blog :)