Friday, April 8, 2011

What really gets my Goat

You know what really gets my Goat going?......Ok Are you ready for this one...........
People who are offered extra hours at work and take them them complain about the work they have to do when they are there. Then ohhhh my God they leave the job half finished.
So if your going to work for someone and come in on your day off  which was your choice what type of job would you do? Would A, complain about the work and then leave the job half done so, your boss has to come in and help finish up? Or B do the job to the best you can do just like it was any other day? I would choose the latter myself. But, for some reason people today and this has happen before people leave their work half done? Why is this? Are they just lazy? Yup I think so they are really lazy freakin people out there and then they are most likely complaining about why they don't have any money and can't get a good job that would pay the bills. Here is a suggestion....... Suck it up and do the best job you can do casue you are nothing in the work world and you have to make yourself stand out in a positive way. Now what happen to my guy at work today was not a positive thing for him it only hurt me for the moment but what are the consequences of his actions? Promotion? na..... I don't think so


  1. I agree, if you're going to come in for a job then do it right!

  2. Some people just expect the world to fall into their lap, don't they?
    That said, if they were pressured into it I could understand the resentment. Not necessarily the behaviour, as they were still under a commitment to do the work and being paid, after all.