Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dealing with a pregant woman

Well, what is a guy going to do when his wife is just about 15 weeks ago her hormones are going ever which way but straight. I ask people for advice and all they do is laugh and tell me "Man, you haven't seen nothing yet" OMG if this is nothing then what the heck is going to happen when she is laying in bed and can't see the t.v. because of her belly is in the way A good example of this can been seen with the conversation her and I had today.
Intro: Sitten outside of work having a smoke (around the building since I'm in Ohio)
When Ally ( an red headed Irish woman) calls me and she is just going off about everything. I ask "baby what is the matter" Says just says " This freakin person in front of me wants to go 25 mph when I'm on my freakin hour drive to work gas is almost up to 4 bucks a gallon and I'm moody"...Then silence for a min or two and I'm thinking to myself " OK Mike what are you going to say here? Before I even got a chance to say anything she is off about our student loans. Now I really have no idea of what to say. I'm thinking that a smart remark is not in good taste at the moment. Actually what I was thinking was man 35 more weeks or so of this? Man this kid better something grand lol.
In all dealing with this lady why things are changing seems to be a good thing if you ask me she is so cute watching her mood go from happy to sad and back to happy in all a  matter of minutes. I like watching her grow into a mother yes guys this means your lady's hips are going to get a bit bigger (unless she is 16 then your just wrong). I really can't wait until the day we both get to enjoy this little person that her and I created out of the love that we share for each other.

So, you maybe wondering how I dealt with her....lmao that is still an on going process if you ask me, all I have to say is that she got to work on time and life is good. Ohh yes there will be more on this topic. =)


  1. Don't make her laugh to hard, you think she thinks you're super funny, but she's literately pissing her self...

  2. Good advice for a difficult time, It will be worth it soon, believe me :p