Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A post about nothing

Well well well, I was thinking today what can I put out there for people to read and think what a really fubar freak this guy is. I'm all about shock factor I love it I can't lie. But, nothing was coming to mind at all. I thought and thought and thought. Then I was thinking by the time I figure it out I would have several different kinds of grammatical problems that would make my post sound like a seven year old. I hope not but it is what it is. I can't have the wife edit everything I write. Well as we sit back and enjoy the holiday we have a tend to forget what the holiday is all about. Then it comes back to you and you bob your head to the Reggae music jammed in your head from the great media player that holds all your music and you know back in your mind your thinking why haven't you backed up your music so you don't lose everything again(you know what a bitch it was to get the music and media back...slap across the face). Then as I'm thinking that I notice something a little weird my elbow is getting very wet. I have to figure that one out at a later date. I forgot about my elbow and I started to have this feeling in my knees. All you smokers know what I'm talking about that weird feeling in your knees. Yup I think I need a smoke but it can wait a few but wait, where did the music go?. Well I really have nothing left to say but I'll leave you with the answer to why my elbow what getting soaked while I was typing this for you
Now look closely and you will find the answer to the famous elbow question. lol
Have a great day everyone =)


  1. your dog licked your elbow?
    Or at least I hope so for you...

  2. Does this mean you want comments about nothing... oh crap that just made this comment about something (gathering information)