Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What goes around comes around

Ok lets look at how things are now a days in particular the cost of gas and how the media is not really saying much about it. Its now costing about 3.76 gallon here in the US and if you remember (which American have tendency to forget things)back in 2008 when Bush was in office when gas was 2.89 they (media) was calling for his impeachment. Now that the "man" is in Office (Obama) when gas is at a national average of 3.76 with a 11 cent jump in the past week and a 90 cent jump from this time last year you don't hear anything from the media nothing at all. Then Obama says " If get 8 miles per gallon I guess you should trade you car I'm sure Chevy or Ford would love to make you a deal hahaha" Come on.... Now is that a presidential thing to say or do? I really don't think so. In my personal opinion gas is going to be the main factor when choosing who to vote for in 2012.

As we know election have there consequences I think that is coming to bite Obama in the butt if you ask me.
Now they are blaming the Repub for wanting to let the govt shut down when they (repub) are just trying to finish up the work that the Dems didn't do last year when they had the house and the senate.
Our govt is just really screwed up I think we need a business man in there like Trump and let him run this country like a business. Yes there will be hard choices to make but I bet a buck that Trump would turn a profit and start digging us out of this freakin hole we are in.


  1. i use to say What goes around stays around ;) hehe

    in sweden Gas cost 1,92 Dollars / LITER!! thats sick

  2. the government should promote innovation on fuel way more then they do now.

  3. @Leestander

    It is almost the same in Lithuania, but our average salaries are waaaaaay smaller :(