Saturday, April 9, 2011

As the journey continues

Ok as you know by now that my wife is bearing my child. I love everything about but the mood swing are something to handle but whats even better than that is the cravings she is having which as this point I'm loving it as she is growing bigger i get to too lol well not as much lets say that. to get to my story we woke up today and she is looking through the fridge and she telling she has nothing to eat.... I say to her what "heck yea we got stuff to eat there all kinds of thing in the freezer". Her reply lol (with a smear look about her while bring out her Irish composure)" Hmmm frozen peas and brussels spouts... really I cant eat that I need eggs and bacon !! (while throwing my shoes and jacket at me "Murphy wanna go bye bye!"....So Murphy(dog) and I went the store and we as the men is household saved the day from the Evil Craven. To think we are only 15 weeks along I'm lovin it ( with the Mc D's theme in my head

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