Tuesday, October 18, 2011

150!!!! Followers

Wow, Never thought that I would reach this milestone in the blogger world. Thanks everyone for being there for me during this great time for celebration. As we continue I can promise you that things are really about to get "fubared". Thanks again =)

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Don't Forget

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My opinion on the Occupy wall Street people

Now, Hmmm lets think about this one for a minute..... The Wall st people do have good attentions for the  world and yes everyone wants everyone to be equal and all that jazz. Which is just fine and wonderful but, is it realistic? I think not really. Yes we do need sweeping change in this country and has the Obama given this to us or is it the same old same old in Washington? I think its the same old same old.
I just a few question for the people that are doing this My opinion are in ()
1. Is what you are doing affective? ( no, wall street is still trading and making and losing cash flow)
2. Is blocking streets and bridges really stop anything or just upset people trying to make there way to work? (No just No enough said)
3. How do you compare to the Tea-party people? Since the park in New york is now a health hazard. (there has been no-one arrested at a Tea-party rally or protest)
4. Is Socialism what you really want? Giving up freedom for the betterment of everybody really the right way to go? (Read Marx and Hitler then you may understand better)
5. Will it last into the winter when it very cold in New York? (I think not....prove me wrong)
Even though I don't agree with how they are doing things I do think we need sweeping change in our government from the local all the way to the top. I just think 99% people are just going about from a emotional aspect which never last