Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tea Party

Ok we have all heard the from the left which has included names like Al Gore etc... that people that are in the Tea party are gun toten back woods racist. But is this really true? Hmmm I have sat and wonder about this since I'm a true believer that American is in the mist of major change and the direction we go from here will make or break this great country that we call America. People say that we need a third party and I think the Tea party is the thrid party that our countries needs.First  I would like to state the core values Tea Party as stated on one of the many websites but as I looked around it was all the same core values
1. Fiscal Responsibility
2. Constitutionally Limited Government
3. Free Markets

As for the Democrats and the Republicans I can see how these values would be a treat to them. Both parties don't want limited government. Why? Well in my own personal opinion I think it because the politicians of today our power hungry. They like the chance to be able to  control the mass of population. This happens on both sides of the asile. In the past couple of years you have seen this with the Health care reform act that is making its way to the top courts in America. And a few years back with the war after 9/11 where the government could read your e-mails, hold people for a long time with out charging people etc... So these are just a couple of examples of what I'm talking about on why the twonmain stream parties see the Tea party as a major problem. And here is a statement for thought "If the parties thought the Tea party wasn't a treat then would they be talking and trashing the Tea party as much as they do or would they ignore them all together?"

Will the Tea party make it? As long as the other politicians are saying things about them I think they have a fighting chance. Its when the parties don't talk about the Tea party is when they should get worried 


  1. who is the presidential candidate of the Tea party? And what do you think about Ron Paul?

  2. The problem is that the people who are voted into office under the guise of being "Tea Party" are just politicians who say one thing and do another. The ideals of the Tea Party are great, but the people who call themselves that just end up being hypocrites, just like all politicians.

  3. I think the hollow statements about the Tea Party are frightening. There is a lot said about a group of a small but growing following that doesn't have much other motive than what you said above. The tea party that I see are just your middle class who don't seem to ever start any riots and to my knowledge, haven't hurt anyone... and haven't preached any sort of hate or violence. That's scary stuff.