Thursday, May 5, 2011

Finish the story

I was thinking today on how to get my followers more involved in the blog rather than just reading my rants from time to time. So, lets do something alittle more interesting and I'll let you write on my blog. I'm going to start off a story and leave a comment how the story should continue. This should be interesting.

A young lady of Irish decent is dating a man with a pony tail, jet black hair and he love to smother her will all kinds of affection. He follows her to work and even got a job at the same place so they could be together longer through out the day. Now this was Ok with the lady but after a while it got kinda of strange. After going out one night they ended up back at his apartment. It was a nice apartment reminded her of a man stuck in the 80's heavy metal scene. She thinks ok I can deal this. They have a hot night of passion and when its done.........


  1. he lights a cigarette and with the most loving, cool voice he tells the woman: " that was good, now go make me a goddamn sandwich... I'm hungry "